In 2014 I graduated with this series about a post apocalyptic Amsterdam survival story.


We start with a look inside the home of our protagonist. His humble

abode is filled with the different items he has collected over the

years of roaming the wasteland. It shows a scarcity of food, while his

fluids are plenty. His motivation over the series will be his hunger

and his will to survive.

Into the light.

Moving out in to the world, in search for food. Our protagonist has to cross may ruined buildings to find the precious items. It is difficult to find canned food that hasn't been looted in the past 8 years. It has almost been a decade since the catastrophic event that left the world a desolate wasteland.


Venturing into the city as the sun is going down. The famous Westerkerk has seen better days, and so has our protagonist. But he is determined to find what he needs and survive a little while longer.

A little bit of background. This is the first shot that I knew I wanted to make. I sketched it on a piece of paper borrowed at a gas station, in the car on my way to Germany. It was also the first image for which I did a test shot. This is a fairly typical hero shot and I knew I needed it out of my system before I could shoot anything else. 

The Royal Palace.

His journey takes him trough the heart of the old city, now overgrown with weeds. Time has not been kind on what was once one of the grandest buildings in the city. Many dangers lurk behind does dark windows. So it's better to stay clear from it.

The Fire Station

He hears sounds coming from the old fire station. A pair of raiders are camping there. They might have the food he needs ,but they outnumber him. He can either sneak around them or try and take them by force. 

Hit and Run

There is no denying his hunger. They have the only food for miles around. There is no choice here, no matter how horrible the deed. Survival comes first.


He managed to get the upper hand in the confrontation. Killing is never easy, especially when there are so few people left on this earth. But his own survival is the most important part. It's better to feel guilty on a full stomach. 


It leaves a bitter taste in his mouth, but he will not be starving in the weeks to come. Amsterdam is not what is once was, and neither is living there. Only the strong survive now. 

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